Owner Builder Safety in Australia

Owner Builder Safety – Owner builders take on a huge responsibility when they are issued with building approval.  Once of those responsibilities is to keep the worksafe place.  In this article we are going to look at owner builder safety and how owner builder courses can help ensure your workplace remains safe.

When you decide to become an owner builder in Australia you are reponsibible for all the activities that are carried out onsite.  In short the owner builder will take on the roles and responsibility just like a registered builder would.

Owner Builder Accidents – Don’t let this happen to you!

In recent times in Australia there have been quite a few accidents which have resulted in death on owner builder projects.  One death is one too many.

To satisfy the legal requirements on a home site most states in Australia require that a person working on a home building site complete an owner builder course which contains a component known as General Site Safety.  What these courses do is outline the legal requirements, some of the common workplace hazards that exist and any legal obligations an owner builder has.  It is the principal Owner Builders responsibility to make sure that everyone has completed the necessary training and the owner builder must keep records to state as such.  It is important that an Owner Builder keeps perfect books in case any incident may arise.

Owner Builder Courses – Site Safety

In addition to any general site safety induction it is imperative that a site safety induction is given to anyone working on the site including licensed contractors.  This site safety induction must identify any hazards that may exist on the home site and any hazard which are specific to the site.

Regardless of whether your state requires you to take an owner builder course it is recommended that you do through a Registered Training Organisation also known as an RTO.  If ever the unfortunate event of a workplace incident happens, claiming ignorance is never going to satisfy Workcover.  What ever you decide to do, don’t take a home owner builders course lightly as it is only a few hours of your time and will reduce your liability should a work place accident occur.

Remember -Identify the hazard, assess any risks and take the appropriate measures to ensure your workplace is a safe one for everyone.  Happy Building!