Owner Builder Courses

Choosing the Right Owner Builder Course

Choosing the right owner builder course will depend upon which state you are planning to build in.  The requirements vary slightly from state to state however the contents of the owner builder course is fairly similar.  In some states an Owner Builder course is required before you apply for a permit.  In other states such as South Australia and the Northern Territory it is not essential however it is recommended.  Either way, performing an owner builder course whether online or at a day session is a cheap way to ensure you are best prepared for building your own home and will ensure that you avoid the pitfalls and traps that many owner builders do.

Construction of a house by an owner builder

NSW Owner Builder Course

In NSW you will need to obtain an owner builder permit if the home building work is over $5000.  If the building work is over $12000 you will need to complete the approved (91509NSW) NSW owner builders course in Owner-builder Compliance OR have the equivalent qualifications and experience.

NSW Owner Builders Course Modules:

  1. Preparing to be an owner-builder (OBPERNSW001 Prepare to be an owner-builder)
  2. Occupational Health and Safety (CPCCOHS2001A Apply OHS, requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry)
  3. Drawing, Estimating and Cash Flow (CPCCCM2001A Read and interpret plans and specification; CPCCCM1001A Undertake basic estimation and costing)
  4. Managing contracts (OBPERNSW002 Administer contracts)
  5. Managing the work (CPCCCM1003A Plan and organise work; CPCCCM1004A Conduct workplace communication)

QLD Owner Builder Course

In Queensland, the requirements are more restrictive.  There isn’t a minimum dollar value.  One person on the title must go through the Owner Builder Course.  There are however exemptions from doing the owner builder course.

In Queensland, the owner builders course contains 8 modules:

  1. Introduction – Roles of an Owner Builder
  2. Design, Environment and Energy
  3. Budget, Estimating and Programming
  4. Finance and taxation
  5. Legislations
  6. Workplace Health and Safety
  7. Insurances
  8. Building Co-ordination

VIC Owner Builder Courses

In Victoria, the rules are similar to that of NSW.  If you are doing any work to the value of $12000 you will need to do the Victoria Owner Builder Course.

There are five modules in the Victoria Owner Builders Course:

  1. Knowledge Module 1.1: Design Check – 5 Star Energy Rating explanation (3 hours)
  2. Knowledge Module 1.2: Estimating, Cost control plus Occupational Health & Safety (3 hours)
  3. Knowledge Module 1.3: Off site co-ordination + Administration, On site supervision, Planning & Permits (3 hours)
  4. Knowledge Module 1.4: Specification workshop A – Contracts + Insurances (1 hour) / Module 1.5 (2 hours)
  5. Knowledge Module 1.5 Specification workshop B – Materials & Systems, Identification, Product & Material info. (3 hours)

WA Owner Builders Course

In Western Australia you are required to apply for a building permit for any building work greater than $20,000.

Owner Builder Courses for Western Australia cover the following topics:

  1. What is an owner builder & what can I build?
  2. Owner Builder Responsibilities
  3. Planning & Documentation
  4. How to Succeed as an owner builder
  5. Insurance
  6. Employing subcontractors
  7. Design Considerations
  8. The Construction Process – step by step
  9. Owner Builder Finance
  10. Obtaining accurate estimates
  11. Budgeting & Cost Control
  12. Site Safety
  13. How to avoid the pitfalls
  14. Site Management & Work Flow Co-ordination

Have you built your own home as an Owner Builder before?  Have you been to an owner builders course before?  Share with us your experiences in the comments below!